The First Harvest Club


At The First Harvest Club, using traditional farming and controlled environment greenhouses, hydroponic and aquaponics technology, our farms produce high-nutritional dense fresh vegetables and locally prepared food products the way nature intended them to be. 

Our growers are people of color that understand the wealth and health agriculture can bring back to urban communities.

The First Harvest Club is powered by Fresh Communities Holdings Corporation (FCHC). FCHC’s mission is simple: END Food Insecurity.

Our solution incorporates an integrated ecosystem of education, distribution, marketing, and innovative technology to reduce food costs and increase food production and access while providing new avenues for economic development for the serving community.

FCHC believes the improvement of food security will stem from a diversified STEM system that includes urban communities as locations for food production, preparation, and distribution.

With 40 acres of our farming footprint, The First Harvest Club, LLC is focused on providing premium fresh foods, locally and minority-owned creating STEM communities through sustainable agriculture.

The First Harvest Club is focused on providing our members with only the newest products, harvested within 48 hours of consumption.

The First Harvest Club of DC LLC is a culinary service corporation that creates a recipe to access healthier lifestyles, even though residing in food deserts, by accessing and eating fresher and affordable produce or Chef prepared food options. For those living in food deserts in DMV,