The Backyard Food Factory – Learn To DIY

The Backyard Food Factory


Are you overlooking an essential function of your garden? Are you taking full advantage of the nutritional contributions it has to offer? If you are like most gardeners, you are probably only getting half of the nutritional value out of the garden that you would if you were growing for maximum nutrition. I am pretty sure you grew excellent tomatoes last season, and they tasted fantastic, but were they as full of vitamin C as they could have been? I am also sure that the carrots you grew were sweet and crunchy, but did they supply you with as much vitamin A as possible?  Also, did you know that a well-maintained backyard food factory yields about 1 pound of produce per square foot per growing season, according to the National Gardening Association? So, a 600-square-foot garden, the American average on which households spend maybe 200-300 dollars per year, could create 300 pounds or more fresh nutrient-dense produce worth about $700 or more annually.  Also, this critical fact …. what you can grow correctly in your food factory is not even available in the supermarket!