Fresh Communities Holding Corporation

Fresh Communities Holding Corporation (FCHC)’s mission is to work to end food insecurity and improve food access through our integrative ecosystem of education, distribution, marketing, and innovative technology to reduce food costs and increase food access while providing new avenues for economic development.

• FCHC believes the improvement of food security will stem from diversified food systems that will include urban communities as locations for food production, preparation, and distribution.

FCHC has created an integrated system developing mini food enterprise zones in urban cities with reduced environmental footprints through more efficient water management, waste reduction, and alternative energy usage.

• Each urban food enterprise zone consist of the following:

1. S.T.E.M Agriculture

2. Food Production & Manufacturing

3. Food Traditional & Non-Traditional Distribution

4. Food Processing

5. Alternative Energy & Resource Management

6. Entrepreneurship, Franchise, Workforce Development – Job Creation

Hydroponic Urban Farm located in Southeast Washington D.C.